What Rebecca's clients are saying:

Everyone in class appreciates Rebecca and her expertise. I've been taking her classes for five years, and they have helped me enormously with my anxiety levels and being calm. For me, the classes have been very healing, both physically and emotionally. Rebecca is professional and knowledgeable and taught me how to take that knowledge and apply it into my daily routines. Her classes are both relaxing and challenging, and I always leave feeling better and more at peace.

Sandra B.

What our customers are saying

Rebecca is a wonderful yoga and meditation teacher who incorporates strength, balance, and wisdom in all her instructions. Her classes create a strong foundation for increasing flexibility and core stability which has been beneficial for my overall well-being. She encourages all her students to “find their own edge” in their practice which allows us to really make the practice our own, plus have fun!

Laurie M.

What our customers are saying

I am truly grateful for Rebecca. Struck by her level of integrity, I asked her to work with me individually. Our time together was extremely beneficial. Her ability to "be real" is what I appreciated the most. She holds a vast amount of knowledge and experience and she was able to pass that onto me at the level that I needed. She balanced the task of meeting me where I was while encouraging me to "lean in" when I needed to. Her humor and heart were there every time we met. I can't say enough about working with Rebecca!

Molly M.

What our customers are saying

I started Rebecca's yoga program at Assumption College over a year ago with zero yoga experience. I leave every class feeling energized and I am amazed at the progress I have made! Rebecca is a fantastic instructor! 

Nikki D.

What our customers are saying

Rebecca was one of my first teachers and I continued my practice with her for over five years. I always found her teaching style warm, welcoming, and supportive. Over the years I watched her instruct a wide range of people from young adult, midlife, as well as senior - all in the same class! This is what I love the most about Rebecca's classes: she makes them accessible for everyone, in any type of body, and at any level of experience or ability. She teaches her classes in blocks, each building upon the previous, starting with the breath. When we move into poses, she demonstrates variations so everyone can access and benefit from the pose.

One of the most important lessons I learned from Rebecca's classes is to listen to my body and honor it wherever it is each day because every day is different.

Elizabeth D.

What our customers are saying

Rebecca teaches a staff yoga series at our organization that meets twice a week. The people who take Rebecca's class have always given positive feedback and continue to sign up series after series, 5 years running. This retention rate speaks to how she caters to the class so that they get what they are looking for. Rebecca is always professional, is great at keeping an open line of communication, and easy to work with. And she is passionate about what she does!

Aline S.

What our customers are saying

I was an athlete, primarily a soccer player, into my 30s. I had experience with mindfulness but had never done yoga before and did not understand how small and seemingly simple movements and postures could be beneficial. My work offered the opportunity to take a 1hr yoga class during the lunch hour several times a week so I gave it a try. I walked out of the first class feeling like I had learned a secret to health and wellness with disbelief I had not started practicing sooner. My commute and work necessitate a sedentary lifestyle that yoga now helps me balance.

Rebecca is kind, inviting, supportive, and spectacular! Her class helps me to make self-care a priority and feel energized, centered, and excited to embrace work, life, and family. Even my students appreciate me getting my yoga practice in on the days I teach. Give her a chance to improve your life the way she has improved mine!

Nick C.