Movement Integrity Training:

supporting your fitness and exercise; athletics and sports; physical therapy; and injury prevention/recovery needs, for a balanced body that performs, recovers, and feels better!

My unique movement classes combine elements of mindfulness meditation, hatha and vinyasa yoga, Functional Movement methodology, as well as strength and conditioning principles to create a well-rounded series of classes that focus on identifying and unwinding harmful movement patterns that leave your body susceptible to injury while developing safe movement patterns based on proper alignment, full body integration, and safe mobility. You will gain an understanding of human movement, increase proprioception (the awareness of the position and movement of your body in space), and be able to apply these principles to your exercise and fitness programs, athletics and sports, as well as your everyday activities, leading to a balanced body that performs and recovers better.

The philosophy of this course is to balance challenging ourselves and evolving toward our goals while respecting our bodies, meeting ourselves where we are each day, honoring the growth process, and appreciating incremental changes that leads to genuine sustainability. It doesn’t matter what age you are, how much experience you have, what type of body you have, or level of fitness you’re at – this course allows you to explore your own mind and body in order to manifest your personal potential unique to your body.

Private Session Prices

Compare private session packages and find the best fit for you! I want to see you succeed so the more you invest in your health and wellbeing, the more you will get rewarded not only in results but also in savings!

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email from me that includes your Welcome Package and the ability to schedule your sessions: Private Sessions take place at Flowforms Yoga or your place of work as an added convenience during work time hours.

Single Private Session


regular rate per session - up to 4

Best for Special Occasions

65m session

Single Private Session
Five Private Sessions


10% off the regular rate

Best Package Offer

65m sessions

1 session per week
email support

5 Private Sessions
Ten Private Sessions


25% off the regular rate

Best for General Upkeep

65m sessions
1 session per week
email support
relaxing physical adjustments
10 Private Sessions
Twenty Private Sessions


40% off the regular rate

Best for Busy Homes

65m sessions
2 sessions per week
email support
relaxing physical adjustments
guided audio recording of a full class 
20 Private Sessions