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What is Transformational Self-Care?

Are you constantly tending to other people and their needs like your children, your family, or work? Are you constantly feeling over-stressed? burnt out? stretched too thin? Is this serving your health and happiness? Don’t you deserve more than that?

Self-Care is so much more than just taking time off to relax or taking a break - that’s important but it is not transformational. Transformational Self-Care is the process of taking a compassionate look at your life and identifying harmful beliefs, habits, relationships, and situations that are preventing you from living the life you deserve. Many of us choose to stay stuck in negative cycles - we make excuses and believe nothing can be done about it and so we remain unhappy. But this program is meant for people who are ready to empower themselves and step out of negativity and step into a healthier way of living that will bring more joy, peace, and contentment. You work hard, you take good care of others, don’t you deserve time for yourself? Caring for our personal wellbeing is what makes us the best people we can be. Let this be your time for yourself away from all the chaos and demands. In this program you will learn yoga, meditation, and other wellness practices scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase health and happiness. Make yourself a priority, give yourself this gift, and let me help you create the art of self-care in your life. 

To set a up a personal call to see if this program is right for you: [email protected]

(774) 258-1436

The Journey Back Home: Art of Self-Care

Private Six Week Program


6 Live Personal Sessions with Rebecca each week

Rebecca's signature Art of Self-Care workbook

8 Guided Practice Videos for your use

Weekly Email Support between sessions

Certificate of Completion


6 Additional Talks that further expand upon material in the Workbook to help you deepen your connection to yourself

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The Art of Self-Care:

Private Individual Program

Once purchased, you will receive an email from me that includes your Welcome Package as well as the ability to schedule your Live Private Sessions.based on your schedule.

TJBH Private Mentorship
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The Journey Back Home: Art of Self-Care

Upcoming Public Programs:


Oct 9th

The Journey Back Home: Art of Self-Care

Tower Hill Botanic Garden, 11 French Drive, Boylston, MA

Wednesdays: Oct. 9th, Oct. 16th, Oct. 23rd, Oct. 30th, Nov. 6th

Time: 6-7:30pm Cost: $125 members / $140 nonmembers

Register: or call: (508) 869-6111

Calm the Chaos with a Personal Meditation Practice:

Meditation is the art and practice of being present in our lives. It helps us break through the speed and chaos of our negative habits of mind that do not serve our well-being and helps us to open up more and relax with every aspect of our lives which creates more peace and contentment as well as contributing to our overall health.

Do you know that Meditation is proven to:

- Reduce Stress and Relieve Anxiety

- Improve Focus and Concentration

- Enhance a Sense of Contentment

- Increase Feelings of Wellbeing

- Support a Healthy Immune System

In as little as 8 weeks you can literally rewire your brain and nervous system with a Personal Meditation Practice:

This course includes:

4 Live Weekly Sessions with Rebecca

Guided Meditation Audio Recordings

Simple and Clear Handouts and Worksheets

Ongoing Email Support between sessions

If you are interested in offering this program at your business or organization to invest in your team's health, happiness, and wellbeing, email me and I will send you my Course Proposal: [email protected]

Personal Meditation course

Once purchased, you will receive an email from me that includes your Welcome Package as well as the ability to schedule your Live Private Sessions.

Personal Meditation Course
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Balance your Mind - Open your Body:

Rebecca's Intro-toYoga Program:

Are you aware of the benefits of a Yoga practice?

Did you know that Yoga is proven to:

• decrease stress and relieve anxiety,

• improve heart health and help lower blood pressure

• increase mobility and flexibility

• strengthen and increase muscle tone

• promote better quality of sleep and increase relaxation

• and much more!

Do you want to experience these benefits but are new to Yoga and not sure where to start? Are you a seasoned practitioner looking to fine-tune your practice? Are you an athlete looking to balance your body? Are you working through some minor injuries or limitations and need a yoga class that will help? Look no further! 

Every class includes guided meditation (dhyana) to calm your mind, simple breath work (pranayama) to increase your lung capacity and circulation, traditional yoga postures and transitions (asanas)to strengthen, open, and release your body, followed by a relaxing period of rest (shavasana). I will break down, demonstrate, and offer detailed cues for every pose along with several variations of each pose to ensure it is benefiting your needs. The philosophy of this course is to balance challenging ourselves while respecting our bodies, meeting ourselves where we are each day, and honoring the growth process. It doesn’t matter what age you are, how much experience you have, what type of body you have, or level of fitness you’re at.

And if you are interested in offering this course at your place of business? Let’s connect and have a conversation!

Call me: (774) 258-1436

or email me: [email protected]

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Private Session Prices

Compare private session packages and find the best fit for you! I want to see you succeed so the more you invest in your health and wellbeing, the more you will get rewarded not only in results but also in savings!

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email from me that includes your Welcome Package and the ability to schedule your sessions: Private Sessions take place at Flowforms Yoga or your place of work as an added convenience during work time hours.

Single Private Session


regular rate

per class

Best for Special Occasions

65m session

Single Private Session
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Five Private Sessions


20% off

($64 per class)

Best Package Offer

65m sessions

1 session per week
email support

5 Private Sessions
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Ten Private Sessions


30% off

($56 per class)

Best for General Upkeep

65m sessions
1 session per week
email support
relaxing physical adjustments
10 Private Sessions
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Twenty Private Sessions


40% off

($48 per class)

Best for Busy Homes

65m sessions
2 sessions per week
email support
relaxing physical adjustments
guided audio recording of a full class
20 Private Sessions
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