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What is Transformational Self-Care?

Are you constantly tending to other people and their needs like your children, your family, or work? Are you constantly feeling over-stressed? burnt out? stretched too thin? Is this serving your health and happiness? Don’t you deserve more than that?


Self-Care is so much more than just taking time off to relax or taking a break - that’s important but it is not transformational. Transformational Self-Care is the path and process of taking a compassionate look at your life and identifying harmful beliefs, habits, relationships, and situations that are preventing you from living the life you deserve


Many of us choose to stay stuck in negative cycles - we make excuses and believe nothing can be done about it and so we remain unhappy. But this program is meant for people who are ready to empower themselves and step out of negativity and step into a healthier way of living that will bring more joy, peace, and contentment. 


You work hard, you take good care of others, don’t you deserve time for yourself? Caring for our health and personal wellbeing is what makes us the best people we can be. It allows us to show up for our family, our relationships, our careers, and other areas of our lives being the best version of ourselves. Let this be your time for yourself away from all the chaos and demands and learn how you can create a culture of wellbeing for yourself. 


In this program you will learn yoga, meditation, and other wellness practices scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase health and happiness that you can incorporate into your everyday life. Make yourself a priority, give yourself this gift, and let me help you create the path of self-care in your life. 


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The Journey Back Home: Path of Self-Care

Personal Six Week Program


2 Live Personal Sessions with Rebecca

Rebecca's signature Art of Self-Care workbook

6 Guided Practice Videos for your use

Weekly Email Support between sessions

Certificate of Completion

* 6 Additional Recorded Bonus Talks *

$125 for Full Program

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The Path of Self-Care:

Personal Program

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